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Top 5 Tips to Improve Marketing Now
January 8
Top 5 Tips to Improve Marketing Now

Top 5 Tips to Improve Marketing Now; 2021 Edition

Now that 2020 is behind us, it’s the perfect time to revamp your current marketing efforts. Our team has put together our top 5 tips to improve your marketing now.

Top 5 Tips To Improve Marketing Now:

1. Revamp your Ad Copy
2. Evaluate your KPI’s
3. Assess your competitors
4. Revamp your Landing Pages
5. Leverage the data you’re collecting through forms and orders


1. Top 5 Tips to Improve Marketing Now:

Revamp your ad copy

Copywriting is a good place to start.

The key to writing great ads is to think about what your customers are looking for while keeping in mind your marketing objectives. While this is easier said than done, follow these quick tips and guidelines:

Here is our shortlist of tips on copywriting:

  • Always keep in mind the main objective and choose the right CTA
  • Keep it short and sweet (40 Characters – Headline | 125 Characters Text)
  • Keep in mind the Landing Page (Use similar messaging on your LP and Ad)
  • Brand Voice (Write in the same consistent brand voice across all mediums)
  • Make sure your ad copy is relevant to your target audience

Check out our full article on copywriting here!


2. Top 5 Tips to Improve Marketing Now:

Evaluate your KPI’s

KPI’s (key performance indicators) are metrics that help you to gauge your marketing performance. KPI’s vary across different businesses and industries. For example, our subscription-based and SaaS (Software as a Service) clients are typically focused on CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and LTV (Lifetime Value), while our e-commerce clients are generally focused on sales (purchases) and RoAS (Return on Ad Spend). It’s important to evaluate your KPI’s alongside other data you’re collecting at least once a quarter to find opportunities to optimize your advertising.

One of our e-commerce clients sells a variety of personalized products through their Shopify store and their most popular product is personalized wrapping paper. We took a look at checkout behavior from Google Analytics and found that the gift wrap sheets had double the abandoned checkouts as the gift wrap rolls, despite being a third of the price. Using this data, we looked at the checkout process and realized that the shipping cost was the same price as the product for the sheets, while the rolls had free shipping.

We used this data to change our advertising messaging and we were able to provide recommendations on how to decrease the abandonment rate without impacting the profit margin.


3. Top 5 Tips to Improve Marketing Now:

Take a look at what your competition is doing

It amazes us even in 2021, a lot of our clients don’t know this trick. If you are thinking about running Facebook ads online, or you already are, it’s always a good idea to look at your competition. The good news is Facebook allows you to see all of the active ads Facebook pages are currently running, and it’s very simple.

Here’s exactly how to check your competitors Facebook Ads:
Go to a business’ Facebook Page, scroll down a bit and click on “Page Transparency”, then select “Go to Ads Library”. You will be brought to a page displaying all of the ads that a company is currently running.

1. Go to Business’ Facebook page

2. Scroll down to Page transparency

3. Go to Ad Library

4. Check out the ads that they are currently running!










Hope this quick tip is helpful!


4. Top 5 Tips to Improve Marketing Now:

Landing Pages

A landing page is a page on your site that is designed specifically with the purpose of converting visitors into leads. It is different from other pages on your website in that it follows both of these criteria: it has a form that allows you to capture a visitor’s information in exchange for a desired offer. The sole purpose of the landing page is to convert visitors into leads (a homepage with a form on it does not count as a landing page because it serves other purposes as well).

Simply put, a landing page is any page that has a form on it and doesn’t include other distractions—here’s an example:

Landing pages may have never been more important as they are now in a post-Covid-19 environment as businesses compete to get old clients in the door as well as develop new clients. An effective and optimized landing page can greatly increase your chances of converting new leads into prospects. A well-optimized landing page can help you do several things including; inform people of your product on a page dedicated to your campaign, encourage people to engage with your brand, give you an opportunity to share a lead magnet, automatically move your leads into a CRM and create a drip campaign for that lead. To learn more about landing pages please contact our partner company The Virtual Window @ www.virtualwindow.com.


5. Top 5 Tips to Improve Marketing Now:

Leverage the data you’re collecting through sign-ups and orders

If you are getting form sign-ups and product orders, you are doing great. But that is just the beginning. Once a customer orders your product, you are most likely sending a post-purchase email, but that email should be much more than just a receipt. You should be adding purchasers into a drip campaign as well. Shopify has a great article explaining how email drip campaigns work. Think about your product or service, is it renewable or disposable? What is the typical renewal period or repurchase period from your current customer date? You should be sending emails re-selling these products X days after they originally purchased. For even more on post-purchase emails check out Shopify’s article here.

The same concept applies to sign-ups. The landing page and form field is just the beginning. You should be sending an automated welcome email, and enter these sign-ups into a personalized drip campaign as well. The more fields your sign-up form has, the more information you have to personalize these messages. Check out Mail Chimp’s article on what to do after you have built a landing page here for more info on this.


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