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Facebook Ad Copy 5 Simple Tips
September 10
Facebook Ad Copy 5 Simple Tips

5 Simple Tips To Improve Your Facebook Ad Copy

Are you finding yourself writing Facebook ad copy and content for your company or your client’s? If you are anything like most of us, you have experienced advertising writer’s block. Here are a few tips and tricks that help me when it comes to everything Facebook ad copy related:

1. Always keep in mind the main objective and choose the right CTA (Call To Action) for your Facebook Ads.

Make sure you know what KPI (Key Performance Indicator) your campaign is focusing on. For example, an ad with a sales objective should mention buying or action of actually purchasing the good or product while mentioning a value add. These ads should usually have a “Shop Now” Call To Action.

While an ad that is more top-of-funnel awareness focused may be less of a hard sell and more of a “Here’s what we do and why we do it” type of ad use a “Learn More” Call To Action.

2. Keep your Facebook Ad Copy short and sweet

Facebook recommends only 125 characters or less for the body text and 40 characters or less for the headline. There is a simple reason for this: people are easily distracted and you only have a few seconds or less to catch their attention when they are scrolling through their feed.

Here is a good example of a short and sweet ad from one of our clients, Pressable:

Headline: “Pressable: Where WordPress Works Best”
Body Text: “Pressable – the #1 dedicated WordPress host. Designed for WordPress websites by WordPress experts.”

Example Facebook Ad Copy in Pressable Facebook ad

Pressable example Facebook Ad Copy

Pressable is a managed WordPress hosting solution owned by Automattic, the company behind WooCommerce and WordPress.com, so they are quite literally designed by WordPress experts. This particular ad has a “Learn More” CTA and lands on a Landing Page that offers both a “Buy Now” and a “Schedule a Demo” option.

3. Keep in mind the Landing Page or where the customer will land when they click

Again, using the above Pressable example, check out this Landing Page. If you follow the link, you will find this page continues to scroll down. But, above the fold, you can see a reinforcement of the ad: Hosting by WordPress people for WordPress people, with both a “See Our Plans” and a “Schedule A Tour” CTA.

SaaS Company Example Pricing Landing Page

Pressable example Landing Page

Think of your ads as a mini callout of what someone will see when they click and land on your landing page. If you are selling chocolate bars, you should be sending the customer to a page with chocolate bars available for sale, NOT just your candy company’s homepage.

4. Brand Voice

Once you understand and have the first three tips mastered, start to think about your company’s or client’s brand voice.

First of all, what is a brand voice?

Well, our friends at 99 Designs define it as: “Brand voice is the way you talk to your customers and is defined by your brand’s style of communication. Your brand voice is directed to your target audience, and it can have any style, as long as it feels true to your brand values and persona—be it authoritative, playful, intellectual, ominous, kind or fun.”

Why is brand voice important when writing Facebook ad copy?

People buy from brands they trust. When done correctly, brand voice is a way to relate to your audience to build that trust.

Here are some great examples of brand voice:

Apple: The rule-breakers. Apple has always pushed the boundaries of what is possible and they let you know it. Apple lovers feel an emotional connection to their products and are confident that their devices are sophisticated and top of the line.

Apple and Chiat/Day are responsible for arguably one of the best commercials ever made, the ad based on George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984”. Marking the release of The Macintosh, the first widely available personal computer with a GUI interface, the messaging of breaking through the status quo and escaping conformity is still in line today with Apple’s branding.

Dollar Shave Club: DSC has a simple message: “You don’t need to spend big on quality razors.”

You most likely have heard of DSC from the original viral video of the founder, Michael Dublin. I couldn’t do it justice, but check it out here. Their brand voice is compelling, funny, and approachable.

Dove: Dove’s brand voice is friendly, supportive, and inspiring. Their long-standing Real Beauty Campaign showcases Dove’s inclusivity and their message: “Dove is for everyone.”

When you are writing copy for your ad, ask yourself: Is this something that is in line with my brand’s voice? If the answer is no, try to write as if you are speaking to one of your customers. (This is the most difficult part of copywriting in my opinion, and I could go on forever about this, but Distilled has already done this for me, check out their great piece on finding your brand’s voice.

5. Make sure your Facebook ad copy is relevant to your target audience

When writing copy for your ads or creating any content for your brand in general, it is imperative to think about who your customer is and what is relevant to them.

Paid Social Media Marketing is a great way to quickly and relatively easily target individuals who exhibit traits or buying patterns similar to your target audience. But the targeting only takes you so far. You need to write copy that is both relevant and actionable, to drive the desired action.

Here is a good example of ad copy that is relevant to a brand’s target audience from one of our clients Tone House:

Headline: “Tone House TV: Subscribe Free”
Body Text: “Our signature conditioning workouts are now available at your fingertips. Start training today from home, the park, or anywhere.”

Example Facebook Ad Copy on Gym's Facebook Ad

Tone House TV example Facebook Ad copy

Tone House is a boutique high-end fitness studio in the heart of New York City. At the time of writing this, COVID-19 is still crippling fitness studios and gyms across the United States. Tone House created a stunning app and online workout program to engage current members and attract a new nationwide audience. Tone House used effective messaging to grow their audience during a time of contraction in the fitness industry.


  1. Always keep in mind the main objective and choose the right CTA
  2. Keep your Facebook ad copy short and sweet (40 Characters – Headline | 125 Characters Text)
  3. Keep in mind the Landing Page (Use similar messaging on your LP and Ad)
  4. Brand Voice (Write in the same brand voice across all mediums)
  5. Make sure your Facebook ad copy is relevant to your target audience

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