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Advertising is an investment, and we aim to maximize that investment. We average a 6.57 return on ad spend for our ecommerce and consumer tech clients. We don’t just focus on generating sales, we also take into account customer retention, lifetime value, and driving high value sales.

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Lifetime value is a crucial metric to gauging marketing success. We look at the lifetime value of acquired customers through paid media to determine long term success of campaigns. We use this data to optimize advertising towards customers that spend more with your business and are more likely to come back.

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App Installs

User acquisition for mobile applications can be challenging. We look at metrics like retention rates, lifetime value, and cost per install to determine success. We use mobile app SDK’s for attribution and deep-linking to pages directly in your app.

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Lead Generation

Generating leads that convert is crucial to any business-to-business company. We focus on generating leads that convert into customers. We work closely with your sales team to optimize our campaigns towards leads that convert into customers

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Remarketing is crucial to any online advertising. We segment all of our remarketing lists based on actions and adjust our messaging to reflect where potential customers are in the buyer journey. We use Facebook Catalogs and the Google Merchant Center for dynamic remarketing campaigns to target non-converters and previous customers with specific products.

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Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition cost is one of the most crucial metrics to any business. For both business-to-business and business-to-customer clientele, we focus on driving the acquisition cost down while also monitoring lifetime value. We aim to drive long term value by impacting how you acquire customers.

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Campaigns are only as good as their data, which is why attribution is critical to the success of any digital campaign. We use a variety of tools such as Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, and mobile app SDK’s to glean insights for optimizing our campaigns. We set up multi-channel attribution models to look at which channels and audiences provide the most value so that we can optimize towards those channels.

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We understand that sales and revenue are the main goal of any marketing venture. For our ecommerce clientele, we focus on metrics like lifetime value, return on ad spend, revenue per purchase, and sales volume to scale our campaigns. We aim to maximize the value of all of our marketing channels by generating sales through prospecting audiences and remarketing audiences.

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